Sunday, May 31, 2015


HI-80 PEIISTE - The ULTRA Tapes MKII 2xC-60 $12.00 USA / $22.00 World

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For the past several years now, American electronics duo PEIISTE has been working diligently on their upcoming full-length release ULTRAHEAD, pending 2015 from the Texas-based FANTASY 1 label run by long-time comrade Domokos (FUTURE BLONDES, RUSTED SHUT, etc). Throughout the recordings for this behemoth, we have put down hours of tape, and this release represents two unedited, hour-long sessions replicated in their entirety from the original master tape. These are two slice-of-life live, heavy electronics sessions recorded direct to tape and stand completely separate from the forthcoming release. The material was strong enough as such the HUMAN IGNORANCE label felt that it had the ability to have a life of its own. This material also represents the return of the HUMAN IGNORANCE label, which has lay dormant for the past two years. Cassettes come in two separate jewel cases with full color covers, traditional j-card presentation. Each cassette tape is hand dubbed from the original master just for you. All funds go toward funding for the continued existence of PEIISTE, the HUMAN IGNORANCE label, and the future existence of the ULTRAHEAD.

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send $12 (postage paid in the USA)
or $22 (postage paid for customers in the rest of the world)


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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

PEIISTE and JOSEPH GATES Online Archives

For roughly seven years now, American electronic composer Joseph Gates has released a variety of thematically related material under an assortment of project names. This archive seeks to unite the different projects that are wholly orchestrated by Joseph into a single location, with updated mixes and re-arranged tracks culled from the original master recordings. Includes material released under such projects as VARGRWULF, FUN IN LATEX, SLAUGHTER-FETUS, TRAPEZOID ELECRONICS, MUSIC FOR TORTURE and more.

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Since 2007, PEIISTE has been a psychedelic heavy electronics noise project consisting of Joseph and Vanessa Gates. Although the project has gone through a variety of transformations, like its supernatural, ocean-dwelling namesake it represents a haunting of the physical world by the ethereal. Here for the first time are represented digitally some tracks that have only been heard on very limited edition cdrs and cassettes, represented in new mixes culled directly from the original tape masters.

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Both pages will continue to be updated in the coming days and weeks.
Thank you for your time and attention.